Ep. 11 Bro Science Bro…

On this episode of Babylon’s Abyss Freddy and Jay are joined by one, if not our favorite, special guest. Schmitty/Buddah Meth reminisces is attending a very special lecture and Freddy introduces us with a new segment called: “Do you even bro science bro?!”.  There’s also a surprise segment we came up with just minutes before starting the show. Tune in. 

Ep. 10 The Expanse Board Game

On this episode of Babylon’s Abyss Freddy and Jay are joined by Dee again along with her daughter Sheyla. We decided to take this opportunity to play the new The Expanse Board Game on the show. That said, please excuse the silence and you if you want to skip the rules and get straight to the game play start around 30 minutes or so. 

Ep. 8 Strung Theorized New Beginnings

  1. On this show Freddy and Jay are joined by our good friend Adam (AKA Schmitty AKA Buddah Meth). We talk about more comic book topics, what cartoon shows are nostalgic to us, and the good ole’ days of Cinemax and HBO. Adam smacks us with some reality centered around David and Bruce Banner.

Ep. 7 We POP’d bubbles…

On this episode we have a classic Nerds of the Round Table style conversation flowing between Jay, Freddy, Sara, Provi, and Gus. We all try to guess how many Funko POP figures Freddy had and the value of it. Provi gets back into World of Warcraft, and Gus contemplates the name of his new competitive Call of Duty Crew that will take nothing but victory!!

Ep. 5 Cons and Kyber Knowledge

This episode Freddy, Jay, and Schmitty (Adam) talk about Comic Con releases and trailers, our missing of The Expanse already, and we also touch base on some more Star Wars related topics that we are both excited for and disappointed with.


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