Ep. 5 Cons and Kyber Knowledge

This episode Freddy, Jay, and Schmitty (Adam) talk about Comic Con releases and trailers, our missing of The Expanse already, and we also touch base on some more Star Wars related topics that we are both excited for and disappointed with.


Star Trek Discovery Trailer

TITANS Trailer

Glass Trailer

Shazam Trailer


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  1. RR Martin is fucking with us all!!! There are still TWO books due to finish up the GoT universe. Biggest issue is people are afraid he’s gonna die before he finishes them. The Prequel books A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms(the Dunk & Egg) series are a good read as well. Martin has the entire timeline in a series of binders supposedly with all the back story and history and this fucker knows how the GoT series ends but he can’t seem to get it on paper.

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